The Cutlerville-Gaines Chamber of Commerce features the 30th Annual Brian Diemer Family of Races
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“It’s like there is a family of races”! That’s what a member of our race committee stated as we were talking about the many race opportunities for young and old at the “Diemer Run.”

Our day starts off with Mobility 5k, handcyclist that roll through our course in a matter of minutes.  Last year we added My Team Triumph, Angels beside their Captains pushing them along the course. Of course it’s fun to see the elite runners literally flying through the streets of Cutlerville. You also may see your neighbor running her heart out or the guy who you’ve recently seen jogging around the block chugging along. It’s inspiring to see someone you know out there doing something you didn’t know she could do! Did I mention that if you decide to run, push, or roll our 5k there will be an opportunity for you to enjoy the day unplugged, we will have 6 live bands playing along the course for runners to enjoy the excitement.  Then the 1000m Steeplechase gives the youngsters a real challenge to show their stuff as they jump hay bales and through water filled pools!

To top it off, the Junior Jog for kids age 10 and under is a great way to involve young ones in running. The kids are so spontaneous and excited! But, I think the parents get even more worked up and excited cheering their kids around the grass track. We are realizing that we are indeed a “Family of Races”, offering great opportunities to challenge our bodies and our resolves. 

We are a strong and healthy community that values our people and our families and gives back to the community each year. So, join the fun and the challenge in doing something that’s good for you and those around you! 

Congratulations Runners!

We hope you had a great time at our 2018 race. Don't forget to check your results or look through all of the great photos!

For more great videos from the 2018 Brian Diemer Family of Races, click here!


Morsi Rayyan - 14:13.89
Koprop Mutai - 14:26.00
Connor Mora - 14:31.63

Samantha Johnson - 16:40.51

Joanna Stephens - 16:51.25
Dot McMahan - 17:03.03


Thank you to all the bands who participated in the Brian Diemer Family of Races BandBattle 2018! Each one rocked the course. Check out this year's Top 3!

1st Place - Big Boss Band
2nd Place - Plain Jane Glory
3rd Place - Dune Grass

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Course Map

This course is competitive and fast! This USAT&F-approved course loops through the beautiful Pine Rest Campus, down the Cutlerville Days parade route on 68th Street, finishing where it starts. Download it below:


June 8, 2019